Friday, February 4, 2011

Baby Worries

The last couple of weeks we enjoyed feeling Baby Scripture moving and kicking and punching...a ton.  He seems to be an active little boy, and it has been really fun to feel little legs and his head through my skin.  Yesterday I was a little worried because I didn't feel him move very much at all...just a couple of flutters.  I took it easy the whole day because I was very tired, but also because I was worried there was something wrong.  This morning I was talking to Luke about it, and he started talking to the baby.  He put his face against my belly and the baby kicked him.  As long as Luke was talking to him, he was kicking away.  We realized that Luke and I weren't around each other most of the day yesterday.  I really think the baby responds to the sound of his dad's voice. 


  1. Keep it up! John used to read books to Benjamin while he was inutero... Within a half hour of his birth Ben was responding to John. Almost every nurse during our stay commented on the connection they had so soon! They're like peas and carrots now.

  2. that is adorable!! i'll have to tell Luke about that when it's our turn someday! lol!