Saturday, April 30, 2011

Jonathan "Bronson" Scripture

So after much anxious anticipation, our little (and by little I mean, relatively huge) package has finally arrived. Would you like to meet him?
 "Hello. My name is Jonathan Bronson, but Mom and Dad usually just call me Bronson...or maybe Jon Bron. I was born on April 29th at 9:35 a.m.  Everybody kept talking about how big I was. I only weighed 9lbs 2oz and was just 21" long, but I guess that's pretty big considering I wasn't supposed to be here for another week.
 "Mom and Dad were SO happy to see me. I was pretty glad to finally be here, weird as this place is. I was especially glad to meet Mommy; she is so beautiful...and she feeds me. She was pretty tired afterwards, but the Doctor said that she and I were really healthy
 "It was quite a trip to get here, so I was pretty tired...and hungry, and then tired again, then hungry.
 "I've been hanging out with Dad some too. He doesn't quite seem to totally know what he's doing, but he sure seems to be trying hard, and he does seem to be pretty fond of me. I think he'll be alright.
 "At least I know I'll be rolling in style. Some volunteers at the hospital made me this awesome beanie to wear. It's cool. Handmade for big deal.
I'm sure you'd like to see some more of me...who wouldn't? But Mom and Dad forgot to bring the camera cord, so the rest of the pictures will come later. Looking forward to meeting you all soon."

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Starting to come together...

We got orders yesterday!  We are officially going to Japan sometime in July.  I say "we", because the baby and I also get to go.  Yay!  It's nice to finally have some definite answers for people and to be able to plan.  It's weird that I'm more relieved to know what's going on than relieved to be able to go with Luke over there.  Maybe I've been so distracted by the coming of a baby that I haven't thought much about having to stay in the U.S. by myself with a newborn.  Or maybe God gave me peace in whatever decision was made.  In any case, I'm just glad to have some dates and definites.

Luke will be finished with his training here in Jacksonville at the end of May.  He will detach from the squadron here and head to SERE (Survive, Evade, Resist, and Escape) school in Maine for 2 weeks (June 6-17).  Meanwhile, we're not sure the details of when they will be moving our stuff or whether they will pay for his flight back to Jacksonville (They may only pay for a flight to Japan from there.).  He then has until the end of July to report to his squadron in Japan (HSL-51).  We haven't officially gotten leave approved, but we're hoping they give us 30 days.  Then begins our farewell tour (or Tour de Bebe', as Luke has named it).  We're wanting to see as many of our friends and family as we can before we take the big flight out to Tokyo.  It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out with the inflating gas prices and the new experience of traveling with a new baby, but it should be fun.

And no, we still have not had the baby.... :(  I have been scheduled for an induction on May 3rd, so we will have Baby Scripture no later than Tuesday. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Big Belly

Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment in which I will be having a procedure done called "stripping the membrane".  The doctor is hoping to begin labor with this very low risk procedure.  It is supposed to trigger the hormones that induce labor naturally.  He is nervous about letting me carry the baby much longer because of how big the baby is.  I'm really grateful for this type of attitude because I am SO anxious to have the baby.  I feel like I'm physically falling apart.  I'm so uncomfortable!  The doctor says that this procedure works for his patients about 50 percent of the time, so I'm hoping that it works for me.  If not, I may have to be induced within the next week.  I would of course rather go into labor by myself, but am definitely okay with being induced if it means getting a baby at the end.  How crazy to think that we will have another member of the family within a week!

Here are some pictures from about a week and a half ago that I haven't gotten up on the blog yet.
37 weeks

Luke drew henna on my belly.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Big Baby

I had another ultrasound at my doctor's appointment yesterday because last week I was measuring 3 weeks farther along again.  The doctor wanted to see if the baby was just really big or if maybe my due date was wrong.  It turns out that the baby is big.  According to the ultrasound, he's measuring 7 lbs 3 or 4 oz already.  I'm 37 weeks tomorrow, so I'm considered full term, but I technically have 3 more weeks until my due date.  The doctor said that the baby is in the 80th percentile, so he's definitely larger than normal but not "too big".  He also said that if the baby does get to be "too big", he will want to induce me at 39 weeks (2 WEEKS!!!).  I'm not sure when a baby is too big, but I'm pretty sure that the doctor is worried about my build birthing a "Luke baby".  :)  Until then, I'm supposed to cut down on sweets because the sugar goes straight to the baby.  We don't want to encourage the baby to keep growing too quickly. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nursery Projects #2

I'm very proud of the closet.  It was a disaster before I organized.

Cute wall stickers of frogs, turtles, and grasshoppers I found at Target

Rollo (Luke's old stuffed raccoon) and Lamb Chop

Yes, it's a flight suit made into a diaper bag!

Well, I think we're just about all ready for Baby Scripture to come.  The carpet has been cleaned, the dresser has been finished, and the room has pretty much been all put together.  I have a few finishing touches to add, and there are still a few things I'm going to need to buy before baby comes.  But now that the room is livable, I'm getting anxious.

I tried to keep the nursery simple, but still cozy and cute.  We're waiting for our glider rocker to come, and I may put up a couple more things on the wall.  Other than that, it's all done!  We also had our car detailed because it was full of Laika hair.  Luke did a trial car seat installation, which went very smoothly.  Now, we just need the baby!  Oh, the wait!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Baby Shower

I had a great time at my baby shower.  I received all kinds of gifts that will be useful once this little boy comes.  We also just had a great time of fellowship with one another.  It was fun to have  friends from all the different parts of my life together in one place.
Heather Clement did the leg work for putting the shower together.  The shower was themed "Asia," and had paper lanterns and Japanese characters hanging from the ceiling, and pillows to sit on everywhere.  The favors included:  socks to put on because the Japanese take their shoes off when entering a home, hair clips with pretty flowers, and beautiful wooden fans.  Carrie Kraus organized the food, which was delicious.  Lots of Asian food and tea was served.  We had cheesecake with cherries on top for dessert.  Yum!
Hair clip favor
Another special thing about the shower was that there was a guest in attendance only 5 days old!  I couldn't believe Kristen felt up to bringing the new baby.  I felt very honored to have Elaina Ann there.
 The game that we played was "Name the Baby".  Everyone was split up into teams and were told to come up with a name for Baby Scripture, since Luke and I aren't telling anyone the name.  They then had to present it to me in a creative way to convince me to name our baby that name.  The name that ended up winning was Jedidiah.  The church group ladies came up with quite an act.  Their reasons:  it's Biblical, has a great meaning, and can be shortened to Jedi which goes with the name Luke.  They said, "The force will be strong with this one."  :)
I received a few awesome helicopter outfits.
Emily Sun made this CUTE blanket!
The spouses of the guys in Luke's class came.  I was so glad to have them there!
From Great Grandma Lindemuth
Lamb Chop!  From Grandma Scripture

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Glammor Shots with Baby

These pictures were taken by my friend Heather Clement when I was 34 weeks.  Here is the link to see the rest of the pictures.  Pictures 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Original Pancake House

Omelette that we shared.  HUGE!

Apple Pancake that we also shared.  So good!

And we ate it all...Yum!