Sunday, February 19, 2012


I have seen people do weekly highlights on their blogs and thought it was a great idea.  First, it'll keep you all updated on what's going on with us (or really, what's going on with Bronson).  And secondly, it'll keep me accountable to post on the blog.

This week's top 5 awesome things:

1.  Valentine's Day, of course!  Luke made me a steak dinner on the grill.  It was a lovely evening in.  Bronson went to bed early, and we spent the evening dining and watching a romantic movie together.

2.  Bronson has started clapping.  It's soooo cute!

3.  On Wednesday we went out to dinner.  Yay for TWO days of no cooking!  We went to this really great Thai restaurant within walking distance from our house.  The lady running the restaurant took Bronson while we were eating and had him behind the bar.  :)  She had a shop of cool Thai things next door that we explored. 

4.  We got to skype with Grandma and Grandpa Scripture.  Bronson showed off his standing and dancing abilities.

5.  This morning Bronson let me sleep until 9 am!  He might be a night owl like his dad. 

6.  Yeah, I couldn't keep it to 5.  I also got my dress in the mail...the one I ordered for a formal squadron event that took place 2 weeks ago.'s here.  I'll be able to wear it for other occasions.  I can't wait because it's really pretty!

And that's it for now! 

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