Monday, February 27, 2012

Highlights #2

1.  Saturday we went up to Asakusa (in Tokyo area) for a little day trip.  It was really fun.  We actually went up there when we first got here to Japan when it was deadly hot.  It was fun to see it again and get some great pictures with my nice camera.  We went to the temple, went out to eat at a tempura place, and then walked around some shopping areas.  I bought a CUTE owl tea set.  Pictures to come.

2.  It doesn't sound like a great thing, but Bronson and I stayed home pretty much all week.  It was nice to get back into a routine.  Since Luke has been home, we've gotten all off kilter.  We both feel more normal now and feel refreshed to go out and do things.

3.  I hosted Bible study this week.  It was a small group of just three, but it was really nice to fellowship with some other women.  Beth Moore is really great!  We are studying the book of James. 

4.  Friday night we went out to eat in Yamato with a group of friends.  It was an Italian place that was REALLY good.  And to top it all off, Bronson was very well behaved.  He sat on my lap contentedly while I ate.  Of course, he did get a couple hands-full of some noodles before I could stop him.

5.  The owner of our house dropped off some chocolate treats that we have been enjoying the past couple days.  Yum! 

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