Monday, April 30, 2012

Warlord Pride

Last week was Badman week on the base.  It was a week filled with sports tournaments.  Each squadron on the base competed against each other in basketball, volleyball, dodge ball, softball, bowling, 5k run, golf, and others.  Luke participated in quite of few of these.  It was a nice break from the usual work schedule, and it was fun for the families to get together with all their gear on to cheer our teams.

This is the dodge ball team.  Obviously they won best uniform.


They wore loin cloths for their uniforms.  Luckily, most of them wore shorts underneath.  When they disrobed, gasps were heard around the gym.  I think they also did a little chest pounding as they were approaching their opponents.  The Warlords sure have squadron pride.

The first game ended with Luke against 4 guys from the other team.  He swiftly and gracefully got them all out, and Warlords won!  The second game didn't end in our favor.  Maybe next year.

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