Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Finally Home!

Hello again. Since Sarah has been pretty busy with Bronson (kid LOVES to eat!) and sleeping whenever she gets a chance, I'm posting the next installment of the Saga.
Ready to go home.

Comfy carseat...slept the whole way home.
We brought Bronson home on Sunday afternoon. What a relief! We were in the hospital for 2 1/2 days, but halfway through Day 2 (Saturday) we were VERY ready to go home. Since neither Bronson nor Sarah had any complications, it's not like they were doing much with us. Maybe it's hospital policy to keep everybody that long. I think it was because not as many people are there on the weekend and everything moves slower.
An old friend of Dad's made me this cool hat.
It has been fun having a few visitors to see the little guy. Jenny and Jacqueline came by the hospital on Saturday. Kacie, Wendy, and Adam & Anne Reid visited Sunday afternoon/evening. Wendy also brought us some delicious pulled pork for dinner. SO good. (not going to lie, Dad is really enjoying the whole dinner delivery thing. Makes me want to have another one) Carrie came over yesterday (again, with rotisserie chicken for dinner...mmm) and met Bronson. We have SO appreciated everyone's encouragement over the past few days, whether dinners, visits, gifts, or notes, we know we have lots of friends and family who are thinking of and praying for us.
Snoozin' with Dad
So now we just have to figure out how to take care of this little guy while still getting enough sleep to function and continue to take care of the dog and the house and all the other things we have to do.
Laika's still not sure what Bronson is...she'll figure it out. 
Thank the Lord I get to take 10 days of "Daddy Leave," so I'll be around to help all-day every-day for another week. Sarah's mom & grandma are on the road right now, they'll arrive sometime tomorrow evening, to visit and help for a week as well. That will be great for Bronson to hang out with Grandma Stuckey and Great-Grandma Hufker. (my parents and grandma will be here in a few weeks)
Can't wait to meet Grandma & Great-Grandma!
Please continue to pray for us as we figure this thing out. Any of you who are parents know what I'm talking about (they don't come with instructions). We still don't totally know what we're doing, but with your encouragement and the Lord's help, we'll get the hang of it.
yep...I'm adorable
Come by anytime and meet the little squirt.


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  1. I'm sure you guys are doing great. And by the size of him, he'll be bench-pressing Laika soon, anyway. Yep, he's a perfect, healthy little anklebiter, and I couldn't be happier for you :)