Thursday, April 28, 2011

Starting to come together...

We got orders yesterday!  We are officially going to Japan sometime in July.  I say "we", because the baby and I also get to go.  Yay!  It's nice to finally have some definite answers for people and to be able to plan.  It's weird that I'm more relieved to know what's going on than relieved to be able to go with Luke over there.  Maybe I've been so distracted by the coming of a baby that I haven't thought much about having to stay in the U.S. by myself with a newborn.  Or maybe God gave me peace in whatever decision was made.  In any case, I'm just glad to have some dates and definites.

Luke will be finished with his training here in Jacksonville at the end of May.  He will detach from the squadron here and head to SERE (Survive, Evade, Resist, and Escape) school in Maine for 2 weeks (June 6-17).  Meanwhile, we're not sure the details of when they will be moving our stuff or whether they will pay for his flight back to Jacksonville (They may only pay for a flight to Japan from there.).  He then has until the end of July to report to his squadron in Japan (HSL-51).  We haven't officially gotten leave approved, but we're hoping they give us 30 days.  Then begins our farewell tour (or Tour de Bebe', as Luke has named it).  We're wanting to see as many of our friends and family as we can before we take the big flight out to Tokyo.  It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out with the inflating gas prices and the new experience of traveling with a new baby, but it should be fun.

And no, we still have not had the baby.... :(  I have been scheduled for an induction on May 3rd, so we will have Baby Scripture no later than Tuesday. 


  1. so exciting Sarah!! WE are praying for you and the baby and all the details!!

  2. Tokyo is so far away :(. I hope I get to see you--the three of you, plus Laika, before you go!