Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Relaxing Snowy Day

I’m so excited that I got to see snow this year!

Our Christmas adventure continues with driving up to Indiana with Luke’s parents.  We made it a two day trip, which I am very thankful for.  As we arrived, I was disappointed to see that all the snow had melted.  But I got my winter weather fix when it started snowing on Thursday morning.
 Thursday was a beautiful day!  Luke and I met Jenna (an old friend from school) at the local diner for breakfast.  It was a great time catching up with her and eating a hearty (translate: HUGE) Indiana breakfast.  Then, Luke dropped me off at home and went to the high school to eat lunch with a few of his teachers he stays in touch with.  I sat at home and enjoyed a book by the fire and watched all the snow come down.  (I also fit in a long nap!)
 When Luke got home, we went out to a really neat used bookstore and had coffee next door at Java Jack’s.  We got some great books for the baby’s nursery and for both of us to enjoy (2 bags full for ~$30!)
 Later in the day, Luke’s mom brought home a bag of baby boy clothes that one of her employees (another friend from Luke’s school) gave to me.  It was so fun to go through a bunch of unused clothing for the baby.  One outfit matched a sweater Luke got for Christmas.  SO CUTE!
This was an outfit given to us by Luke's grandparents for Christmas.
 It was such a great and relaxing day!

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  1. I loved getting to see you guys!! I know we don't get to see each other very often but when we do it makes my heart happy! You are both amazing people and so special to me. I will definitely be praying for you during all these new events in your life! Love you guys!!