Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Big Belly

Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment in which I will be having a procedure done called "stripping the membrane".  The doctor is hoping to begin labor with this very low risk procedure.  It is supposed to trigger the hormones that induce labor naturally.  He is nervous about letting me carry the baby much longer because of how big the baby is.  I'm really grateful for this type of attitude because I am SO anxious to have the baby.  I feel like I'm physically falling apart.  I'm so uncomfortable!  The doctor says that this procedure works for his patients about 50 percent of the time, so I'm hoping that it works for me.  If not, I may have to be induced within the next week.  I would of course rather go into labor by myself, but am definitely okay with being induced if it means getting a baby at the end.  How crazy to think that we will have another member of the family within a week!

Here are some pictures from about a week and a half ago that I haven't gotten up on the blog yet.
37 weeks

Luke drew henna on my belly.



  1. "Stripping the membrane." It sounds like something you would do to remodel a house. That, or the name of a death-metal band. Either way, good luck, and I want to see pictures of Little Man Scripture by the end of this week! Hope you're feeling better soon, baby-mama.

  2. Praying for you, Sarah! It will be such a relief to have it all over and then getting to enjoy Baby!