Saturday, April 9, 2011

Baby Shower

I had a great time at my baby shower.  I received all kinds of gifts that will be useful once this little boy comes.  We also just had a great time of fellowship with one another.  It was fun to have  friends from all the different parts of my life together in one place.
Heather Clement did the leg work for putting the shower together.  The shower was themed "Asia," and had paper lanterns and Japanese characters hanging from the ceiling, and pillows to sit on everywhere.  The favors included:  socks to put on because the Japanese take their shoes off when entering a home, hair clips with pretty flowers, and beautiful wooden fans.  Carrie Kraus organized the food, which was delicious.  Lots of Asian food and tea was served.  We had cheesecake with cherries on top for dessert.  Yum!
Hair clip favor
Another special thing about the shower was that there was a guest in attendance only 5 days old!  I couldn't believe Kristen felt up to bringing the new baby.  I felt very honored to have Elaina Ann there.
 The game that we played was "Name the Baby".  Everyone was split up into teams and were told to come up with a name for Baby Scripture, since Luke and I aren't telling anyone the name.  They then had to present it to me in a creative way to convince me to name our baby that name.  The name that ended up winning was Jedidiah.  The church group ladies came up with quite an act.  Their reasons:  it's Biblical, has a great meaning, and can be shortened to Jedi which goes with the name Luke.  They said, "The force will be strong with this one."  :)
I received a few awesome helicopter outfits.
Emily Sun made this CUTE blanket!
The spouses of the guys in Luke's class came.  I was so glad to have them there!
From Great Grandma Lindemuth
Lamb Chop!  From Grandma Scripture

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