Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nursery Projects #2

I'm very proud of the closet.  It was a disaster before I organized.

Cute wall stickers of frogs, turtles, and grasshoppers I found at Target

Rollo (Luke's old stuffed raccoon) and Lamb Chop

Yes, it's a flight suit made into a diaper bag!

Well, I think we're just about all ready for Baby Scripture to come.  The carpet has been cleaned, the dresser has been finished, and the room has pretty much been all put together.  I have a few finishing touches to add, and there are still a few things I'm going to need to buy before baby comes.  But now that the room is livable, I'm getting anxious.

I tried to keep the nursery simple, but still cozy and cute.  We're waiting for our glider rocker to come, and I may put up a couple more things on the wall.  Other than that, it's all done!  We also had our car detailed because it was full of Laika hair.  Luke did a trial car seat installation, which went very smoothly.  Now, we just need the baby!  Oh, the wait!


  1. Very cute, Sarah! I loove the flight suit made into a diaper bag..My Air Force man would love that!

  2. It's Delana, btw!