Tuesday, December 21, 2010

20 Weeks! Halfway there!

These are probably my last ultrasound pictures of the baby.  The top picture is a profile of his face.  It's kind of hard to see because he was stubbornly lying on his belly during the ultrasound.  She couldn't get a very good picture of his face, but you can kind of see his nose and mouth.
This is his cute little foot!
This is another picture confirming that he's a boy!  You can see his little butt cheeks.  :)
 20 weeks!  

I think this is 18 weeks.  I wanted to post it to show another one of my maternity outfits.


  1. I love to hear a mom-to-be radiate the excitment and joy of motherhood and anticipation of the new life being created inside her. Congradulation on your little "man child"! It's a pleasure to read how radiant your words are as you describe each phase of your pregnancy and development of the baby as well as all your preparations. May you be truly blessed by the Lord.

  2. very cute, Sarah!! happy for you!