Sunday, December 12, 2010

TSO Concert

Luke and I went to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert in Jax this week.  Now THAT is my kind of concert.  It was a huge light show along with some great talent in vocals, guitars, piano, and violin.  It was definitely a rock concert, but we didn't have to fight crowds, damage our hearing, or stand the entire time like most rock concerts.  I always end up in tears at those kind of concerts....which is why I've only agreed to go a couple times.  I really enjoyed this concert, and I think the baby did too.  He was sure moving around a lot.

This was the set up of the stage before the show.  We got upgraded to better seats, and as you can see, they were REALLY great seats.

The first half of the concert was one of their Christmas rock operas.  They had a story-teller narrating between musical numbers.  I really enjoyed all the Christmas music that was played.  Many of the songs had Biblical themes, which was awesome!
The second half of the show was just a bunch of songs from their other albums.  They did cool pyrotechnics and other crazy stuff.
Luke and I did some research about this group after we got home from the concert.  It turns out that there are two groups that tour.  The organization was started by one man who picks the music and the people involved to put together shows and albums.  He was a producer for some big rock bands at one time.  They are not a "Christian band", but there is definitely someone involved in the organization that is a Christian.  There were a couple of songs that were very obviously about the Lord Jesus.

Here's a short video of one of the songs at the end of the show.

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