Thursday, December 9, 2010

Go Fly a...Helicopter!

First, I want everybody to know how much fun Sarah's been having posting this stuff for you all. At first, she wasn't sure if she'd like it or be good at it. Now, just a few days later, she's already hooked. But, I didn't think it was fair for Sarah to have a total monopoly on the fun or on your attentions, so I thought I would pitch in today.

no, this isn't me (maybe it's Sam) but the bird and the beach are right

After almost two months of ground school classes, simulator flights, and flights cancelled due to maintenance, I finally got up in the air on Monday. And Tuesday. And Wednesday and today. It's been a busy week of early morning briefs (where I have to answer a bunch of questions from the instructor about what we're doing that day, how the helicopter works, and what to do if stuff breaks) and flights every day on top of a class/test or two. I am a little tired, but I'm sure not sick of flying yet. I'm LOVIN' it. Finally, after almost two years of training in aircraft I'll probably never fly again, I finally get to strap on a real Navy helo and fly for real. Of course, I still have quite a bit more training to complete, but from here on out I'll be learning systems and equipment that I'll actually need to know how to use.

As for the flying itself, like any nugget, there is something of a learning curve. My first couple laps through the pattern, steep approaches, and practice auto-rotations were pretty ugly. But today I felt like I was really starting to catch on, I can make the aircraft do what I want it to do (most of the time).

Another great thing about the FRS (Fleet Replenishment Squadron) has been the relaxed atmosphere; a refreshing change from Advanced Training in Milton (although we had it pretty good at HT-18, I don't know how you HT-8 guys got through). Here, as long as you know your info, no one's gonna try and hammer you. The instructors are there to teach. They know you don't know everything (or sometimes anything) about flying these aircraft, and want to teach you how to do it. They're also a lot easier to talk to, no "sir, yes, sir" junk. Just learning the job.

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  1. I'm glad to know you're having a good time flying around up there in the sky...and I love the fact that Sarah is a closet blogger. You're both doing a great job, and it's nice to finally know what you're up to :)