Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Clothes, Clothes, Clothes

I finally went maternity clothes shopping on Monday!  Yay!  Clothes that actually fit!  I was surprised how great I looked in maternity clothes.  Instead of feeling big and fat, I felt very cute.  I realized that I just had to find the right size, which is slightly difficult with my build.  My friend, Heather, and I went to Motherhood Maternity and figured out that I just have to find the smallest size available.  Once we found my size (especially in jeans), it was great.  It seemed like I was trying on everything in the store.
I was very thankful to have Heather along with me.  I would have been really overwhelmed.  She helped me figure out what I needed, what I wouldn't wear, and what would fit up until the birth.  It was nice to have experienced input.
 This is me after my shopping experience.

Then....this morning I get a big package in the mail from my mom (Thanks Mom!).  I got MORE cute clothes.  I'm excited to wear them all.


  1. that's AWESOME! like I said, my mom always got me the best maternity clothes--so you should be pretty set for a few months :) yay for maternity clothes and little boy's to fill them out!